Exces 1.2

Protect your precious files


  • Password assistant
  • Streamlined password creation


  • Not enough password choices
  • Mounted disk image can be confusing

Very good

Exces streamlines your password creation process to effortlessly protect your documents and files. You'll start off by naming your password file, typing in a password and then locking the desired the document.

Exces features a password assistant which allows you to test the strength of your password. The longer the green bar, the safer it is. You can choose from a number of password types like memorable, numbers or FIPS-181 compliant.

We liked how Exces creates a mounted disk image for your password file. All you have to do is then drop the documents you wish to protect into that disk image.

To unlock a file double click it and enter the password in the Exces window.

Although Exces gives you a suitable amount of password types to choose from, we would have liked it to offer a bit more.

Find yourself needing to protect secret files? Need to hide those love letters from your past loved one? Or maybe you need to hide those invoices your little sister keeps fiddling with.

We've got your solution. Exces allows you to protect your precious files with the click of a button. Just pick a password, lock, and you're good to go.



Exces 1.2

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